Transport services

Transport by sea

We have great experience in handling container, less-than-container and groupage loads. We specialise in transport from/to: Middle East and Far East, as well as the countries of North America and Africa.

  • Full Container Load (FCL) Transport – transport of full containers all over the world in the door-to-door system or at any distances. We cooperate with reputable shipowners in Poland and abroad, ensuring efficient order execution. We cant act independently and flexibly, because we have great choice between various carriers.
  • Less-than-Container Load (LCL) Transport – and ideal solution for groupage loads, coupled with all advantages of container-handling services. We are able to transport loads by sea and road to any place in the world and minimise the risk of trans-shipment, while preserving attractive prices for the whole enterprise.
  • Groupage of Goods – possibility to combine several shipments from various suppliers to transport them in one container.
  • Reefer – this service enables us to transport perishable products that are sensitive to temperature in special containers with temperature control. We guarantee uninterrupted door-to-door delivery chain in refrigerated containers. We keep in touch with all parties involved and provide information on the current location and condition of goods.

In the scope of transport by sea we offer:

  • organisation of load transport from/to ports,
  • customs clearance in ports in Hamburg, Szczecin, Gdynia, Gdańsk,
  • trans-shipments in destination ports, including warehousing, packaging and customising,
  • insurance of loads through CARGO policy,
  • on-going monitoring of deliveries,
  • professional freight-forwarding consultancy.


Transport by air 

An ideal service for urgent parcels, requiring quick transport. We ensure high availability of destination points and competitive freight rates. In order to have an order delivered the fastest, we deliver the goods from/to the most conveniently located air terminals.

In the scope of transport by air we offer:

  • delivery to a selected airport,
  • trans-shipment and groupage of goods,
  • customs clearance in the port of loading,
  • fiscal clearance in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Vienna,
  • CARGO insurance.


Transport by road

We organise transport by trucks to EU states, as supplementary to sea and air transport. We cooperate with the selected carriers, who have their own fleet of vehicles, thanks to which we can ensure competitive transport rates.

In the scope of transport by road we offer: 

  • transport within the EU states,
  • Full Truck Load (FTL),
  • Less-than-Truck-Load (LTL) and partial loads,
  • refrigerated transport,
  • door-to-door services
  • CARGO insurance.


Intermodal transport

Intermodal transport makes use of advantages offered by various means of transport while using a single transport unit. This is a safe and ecological solution, which makes it possible to lower the overall costs of transport.

This service offers you a combined sea and rail transport. The goods are taken by us from the ports in Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Gdynia and then transported to rail terminals. Then, upon completion of reloading at the rail terminal, the containers are delivered by trucks directly to the final customer’s warehouse.